Box 5 – Roundup

Actual usage & thoughts:

  • Cabbage – Given that we had two heads, it was always going to be a challenge to use all this, and as expected we’ve still got one head left. The one head we did manage to make use of was chopped up for salads, firstly as a side for the Arroz Con Pollo, and secondly as part of my put-random-things-together salad meal yesterday evening. For the latter I added carrot, some of the lettuce, ranch dressing and bacon (of course), so it was kinda a cross between salad and coleslaw 🙂 The cabbage itself is nice and crisp, and surprisingly good raw. June’s been reluctant to cook any yet, but there’s still the other head to go, so I might persuade her to try adding some to a stirfry or similar in the coming week.
  • Asian Mix – We’ve not had a clue what to do with this yet, so it’s still waiting in the fridge.
  • Lettuce – As noted above, we both made salads yesterday evening, with June’s featuring the lettuce also. Since we keep our fridge a little on the cold side, and we put the lettuce in there after a quick rinse, the centre of the head was partially frozen when we took it out! Luckily, it was such a huge head that we had more than enough leaves from the outer edges for our salads that we didn’t need to defrost it. As for the lettuce itself, this particular variety is quite nice, as it’s fairly leafy (which June prefers over crunchy), but with a good sweetness too.
  • Beets – We (well, June) pondered making a soup featuring the beetroots earlier this week, but the recipe she found called for a chilled soup rather than hot, and given we’ve been in a cold spell here in Florida, something hot was preferred that day. Therefore, the beets are still sitting there awaiting either improved temperatures that would warrant a chilled soup, or another recipe idea.
  • Roma Tomatoes – These have been sitting on the counter all week, slowly ripening. We tried one with our salads since they were definitely looking riper yesterday, and found it to be firm but not bitter (not unlike the Cherry Tomatoes from previous boxes in that regard), but they’re definitely more suited to cooking applications than salads, so we still need to find a use for these now they’re nearly ripe.
  • Black Sapote – Once again these are things that have had to sit on the counter all week. The two smaller ones have ripened fairly quickly, and are probably about ready to eat this weekend, but the larger one is still green and might need another week yet. I’m still looking for ideas for using them, which is made trickier by the fact that any recipe we find will need to either be scaled down or designed to only use a small amount of sapote.
  • Parsley – Unfortunately, it appears the parsley is going the way of the thai basil from Box 3 – we trimmed the stalks and put it in water shortly after the unboxing photos were taken, but the parsley has been slowly wilting and dying all week, and there’s probably only 1/3 of the bundle that’s still usable now. Parsley has always been an afterthought of a herb in my mind, something that’s added as a garnish or final hit of colour to a dish, but none of the things we’ve eaten this week have really warranted it’s use, so it’s hard to know what to do with it, especially when it has an apparently short shelflife (well, in-vase-on-counter-life anyway).


  • Hits – cabbage, lettuce
  • Near Misses – none
  • Total Flops – parsley
  • Not Rated – asian mix, beets, roma tomatoes, black sapote

Final Opinion:

This was a pretty bad week for us, with not very much cooking going on, which is reflected in our lack of use of nearly half the box contents (although some of that was due to waiting for things to ripen). On the plus side, what we did manage to incorporate into our meals was consistently good, so it’s just a case of rebuilding the inertia that was lost over the Mexico/Christmas gaps and getting back into routine.

Since there were so many items from this box that still remain, I’ll post a followup later this week or next once we’ve actually used a significant amount of it, so that they’re not omitted.

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