Box 10 – Roundup

Actual usage & thoughts:

  • Komatsuna – Monday night was the inevitable stirfry, featuring the komatsuna along with five spiced beef, and the spring onions. June didn’t blog about it, even though it was pretty tasty, as she’s getting a little bored of constantly writing about very similar stirfries… but I’m not complaining.
  • Baby Rocket/Arugula – As a quick lunch on Saturday, I threw together some turkey, rocket & radish sandwiches, which worked surprisingly well together. The rocket wasn’t as potent as I expected (even though I put probably excessive amounts of it on the bread), but the radishes helped add that heat as well, which boosted the normally flat taste of turkey into something far better. There’s still just under half the bag left I think, but they’re holding up, so should keep for another week without problem.
  • Spring Onions/Scallions – We managed to make a reasonable dent in this huge bundle, but there’s plenty left. The major hitters to use it were the beef & komatsuna stirfry, followed by a chicken fried rice the next day using the remaining cooked rice.
  • Radishes – The majority of the radishes went in the sarnies with the rocket, the remaining ones somehow managed to get munched while the sandwiches were being prepped. If anything, these ones were a little spicier and also a little moister (well, you know what I mean) than the french breakfast ones of previous boxes, but that’s just how I like them!
  • Thyme – As mentioned previously, June made the Lemon-Thyme cookies and they turned out surprisingly well. I say surprisingly, as I really didn’t expect a cookie (which should be sweet) to work with a herb (which should be savoury), but these cookies have opened my eyes. The thyme had a mild citrus kick, which works perfectly with the lemon, and the sugar of the cookie helped balance out the tartness of both into a well rounded final taste. Definitely highly recommended!
  • Carambola/Starfruit – I ate the smaller of the two at the tail end of the week, and it was either still not ripe enough, or just not a very sweet example. The larger starfruit is still out on the counter, as I don’t think it’s ready yet (especially going by the other one), so hopefully next week it’ll be good.
  • Ponkan Tangerines – As mentioned in the week 11 newsletter it appears we weren’t the only ones for whom the tangerines rotted away in less than two days, which meant that unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to eat these ones.
  • Canistel – Still sitting out, slowly ripening…


  • Hits – Komatsuna, Rocket, Spring Onions, Radishes, Thyme
  • Near Misses – Carambola
  • Total Flops – Ponkan Tangerines
  • Not Rated – Canistel

Final Opinion:

Apart from the tangerines which rotted on us, and the slow-ripening canistel, this box lived up to its promise of being one we could easily use everything in there, and while we haven’t used everything completely, we got to try it all, which is an important first step. Given that we’re still reeling from the frosts, the quality of the items we did get to try was for the most part still excellent, which is always reassuring.

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