Box 11 – Opening

What’s inside our half box #11?

  • New Potatoes – 2lb plus another 2lb from the extras box
  • Green Beans – 1/2lb bag
  • Lettuce – one huge head
  • Bunched Spinach – one bundle
  • Celery – one bundle
  • Green Peppers – one, swapped for the extra new potatoes
  • Grape Tomatoes – one pot
  • Italian Parsley – one bundle (flat variety)

Initial thoughts:

All very mainstream stuff this week, more so than any of the previous ones I think, so that should mean that finding uses for it all shouldn’t be a huge challenge… if we keep the momentum going and cook at least every other day.

Usage ideas:

  • New Potatoes – As can be seen from the photos, half of the potatoes are large, almost “normal” size, the others are definitely more “new” sized. However, since it’s all potato, I know we’ll find uses for it – we both love taters after all!
  • Green Beans – We’ve only just finished the remains of the previous batch of beans, but since they kept very well in the fridge, I’ve no qualms about letting these wait for a latter opportunity. In other words, we’ve eaten too much green beans lately, and probably won’t eat this bag until at least next week.
  • Lettuce – Salads, sandwiches, wraps, and so forth… again 🙂
  • Bunched Spinach – This is the only really new thing in the box for us, so I don’t quite yet know what we’ll do with this… but we’ll definitely do something, if only a salad!
  • Celery – The possibility of me snacking on these are high, since as before, June isn’t a fan, which rules out most cooking applicactions.
  • Grape Tomatoes – Yes, these could easily be used in salads or sandwiches or the like, but I’m hoping we’ll find something a little more original this time around.
  • Italian Parsley – We’ve still got the remains of the parsley from Box 9, so we’ll be using that before hitting the new bundle I suspect, so nothing on the cards from what I can tell.

Photos are awaiting processing, will update once available.

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