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Box 1 – Roundup

Seeing as there was no box for the Thanksgiving weekend, we’ve been eating from this box for two weeks rather than the usual one. That being said, it was a good introduction of what to expect, along with a good warmup for us trying to find ways to use the box contents.

Actual usage & thoughts:

  • Callaloo – after inspecting pictures of it online, we came to the conclusion that this particular bundle we’d got was well past it’s prime, so was not used. However, odds are we’ll get it again in future boxes, and hopefully it’ll be in a fresher state so that we can actually use it!
  • Lemongrass – used in the Thai dish as previously posted. The remains of the bundle are currently drying out in the fridge, so we’ve got the option of using it over the next few weeks or so.
  • Green beans – used in both the Thai dish, and steamed then mixed with onion to be a side dish for our Thanksgiving meal. On both occasions the beans were tender and flavourful, so the Xtras box swap really paid off for us this time.
  • Lettuce – used with the Cherry Tomatoes to make a side salad, also for the Thanksgiving meal. The lettuce stayed crisp and green in the fridge for much longer than we expected, and tasted like a leafier romaine. Another one to look forward to in future boxes.
  • Corn – boiled as mentioned previously, and won’t be boiled next time!
  • Cherry Tomatoes – a few eaten straight from the pot, the rest combined with the Lettuce for a side salad. The tomatoes were fairly tender while retaining a reasonable firmness, and the juices weren’t bitter like shop-bought ones can be. However, the flipside is that they were also not very sweet, which meant they worked best in combination with other salad vegetables, rather than eaten individually.
  • Avocado – half was roughly diced and served as a side for the Thanksgiving meal, the rest was eaten with rice by June at some point in the last week. I personally am not a fan of avocado, so I’m taking June’s word that it was a good one (although the shop-bought ones are not dissimilar, I’m told, since Publix sells local organic avocados as well).
  • Roselle – not used yet, so it’s slowly drying in the fridge. The problem with these flowers is that you need to plan to make something where they are the focal point, as they’re not easy to integrate into normal meals.


  • Hits – Green Beans, Avocado, Lettuce, Lemongrass
  • Near Misses – Cherry Tomatoes
  • Total Flops – Corn, Callaloo
  • Not Rated – Roselle (and Dill)

Final Opinion:

This was a good first box that we used a reasonable percentage of, although much of that was helped by the Thanksgiving meal and having two weeks rather than one. We’ll have to pick up the pace for the next box, since it’d be crazy to let this stuff go to waste. Roll on box two!

Thai Pork & Green Beans, and the Corn

June took half of one of the bags of green beans, along with maybe a quarter of the lemongrass, and this evening made Thai Pork & Green Beans – see the recipe post on her Thyme For Food blog. The lemongrass was amazingly fragrant, and really kicked up the citrus taste of the dish. As for the beans, they were the right balance of firmness and tenderness, without that “squeaky” texture beans sometimes get, and tasted fine. Since we have plenty more of both beans and lemon grass, I think we can expect to see variations of this one again in the near future (perhaps with chicken next time?).

Thai Pork & Green Beans

Thai Pork & Green Beans

Oh, I forgot to post yesterday about the corn. I decided to boil the corn for lunch, since the longer the corn is away from the plant, the less sweet it becomes. After shucking and trimming the ears, it was into the boiling water for about 10 minutes. Took a test bite, but the kernels were still very crunchy, so back in the water for another 5 minutes. Still crunchy. Another 10 minutes later, and I gave up with the boiling, which had made the kernels a little softer, but were by no means easy to eat. I munched through just about one and a half ears, but June only managed a few bites before throwing in the towel.

This leads me to two conclusions – either the corn was picked much earlier in the week and had gotten too old, or it was just not suited for boiling. This was a little disappointing for both of us, as we’ve both been spoiled by very fresh, amazingly tender and sweet corn from a pick-your-own back in the UK, and we were hoping for just as good here. So should we get corn in future boxes, I’m pretty sure we’re going to try difference methods of cooking it!

Box 1 – Opening

What’s inside Box 1?

  • Callaloo (AKA edible amaranth or pigweed), 1 bundle
  • Lemongrass, 1 bundle
  • Green Beans, 1lb bag
  • Dill – swapped for another 1lb bag of Green Beans, via the Xtras box
  • Lettuce, curly leaf in this case, 1 head
  • Corn, 4 ears in husks
  • Cherry Tomatoes, 1 pint pot
  • Avocado, 1 medium sized Florida variety
  • Roselle (AKA Jamaican Sorrel, or Hibiscus flower), 1 bunch

Initial thoughts:

  • Good basic selection, plenty of potential without too much strangeness (the full boxes had bok choy and mizuna)
  • Glad for the Xtras box, since none of us like Dill that much

Usage ideas:

  • Callaloo – no ideas yet, but the CSA newsletter recommends not eating it raw
  • Lemongrass – always good in stir-fries, possibly later this week
  • Green beans – boiled or steamed as a side, second bag will probably go to June’s family
  • Lettuce – salad!
  • Tomatoes – salad!
  • Corn – boiled for lunch today methinks
  • Avocado – June will probably eat this with rice during the week
  • Roselle – recipe included with the CSA newsletter for Sorrel Tonic, which is one option. The other option would be to make jelly/jam for resale via Etsy (and/or eating ourselves, of course).

No photos this week, but planning to include them in future posts.