Welcome to Our Half Box, the blog that will chronicle our (mostly) weekly half-share boxes from the local certified-organic CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), also know as a ‘farm share’ or veggiebox. Here’s a quick breakdown of the important details, which will probably become the basis of the FAQ over time.

The CSA farm – Bee Haven Farm, in south Florida.

The share – a half-sized box of whichever local organic vegetables are in season. Why only half? There’s only three of us to feed, so a full-sized box would be far too much for us!

The season – November until April each year, since Florida follows the tropical growing seasons. This works out at approximately 20 weeks, thus 20 boxes.

The cost – $375 for the complete 2009-2010 season (for the half, $675 if you go for the full). Given that this covers the cost of 20 boxes, that averages out to just a little over $18 each, which is a great deal for such fresh local organic produce.

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